About Jedermann Inkasso GmbH

Our high standard and our solution-orientated operation enable us to respond to your requirements individually by using most modern software and respective know-how.

As a matter of course your customers are treated friendly and fair. Our approach is always customer-orientated, values and respect are of great importance, because they guarantee positive payment attitude.

Our motivated and competent employees, who as a matter of course are in accordance with our high quality standard, handle your receivables personally, consequently and in fully activity.

In principle we prosecute all kinds of debts – both debts against individuals as well as against business companies – of course all in consideration of the specific, different requirements. A part of our business which has experienced tremendous growth during the past years is the collection of debts accruing from internet services.

Another speciality of our business is the intense collaboration with our law firm specialized on debt enforcement in order to guarantee on one hand a smooth, unbureaucratic and fast debt collection process and on the other hand to identify and eliminate legal problems already during the debt collection process. Furthermore in lost cases with e.g. a poor solvency of the debtor or untraceable debtors, you should be prevented from losing even more money.